Tri-Village Church is committed to connecting with our neighbors and building relationships through service and community. We believe true faith results in an outpouring of love for our neighbors just as Christ cared for those around Him by ministering both to hearts and also alleviating the pain and suffering of the sick, the impoverished, and the outcast. 


Crossroads Kids Club—a once-a-week afterschool club for kids at Laurel Hill Elementary school. Adults can volunteer as discussion leaders (with small groups of 6 to 8 kids) or game leaders. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to be another caring, trusted adult in the lives of these children.

Safe Families for Children—an opportunity to come alongside parents in crisis by providing short-term care for their children for as little as a couple of days to several months while they work to get back on their feet. Volunteering with Safe Families can be as a Host Family, Family Friend, or in a variety of roles supporting either the Host Family or the parents in crisis.



Nursing Home Ministry—Join us once a month as we affirm the value and worth of all people—regardless of age—through fun, games, and community. We visit the Lexington Nursing Home in Streamwood on the first Saturday of each month to spend time with the residents doing activities that vary from conversation to dancing. 

Meal Ministry—There are a variety of circumstances or life events that might happen to people where a meal would be a true blessing. Would you join our list of meal ministry volunteers and be ready to care with a prepared meal for people in our community who are experiencing a birth, death, sickness, or injury?


Neighborhood Bible Clubs—week-long summer clubs hosted by families in their neighborhood.

Carefest - a one-day service event in late spring

Christmas Store—a dignity-giving shopping experience that helps parents buy gifts for their kids at a reduced cost

To get more information about any of these opportunities, about other one-time serving events or any other questions, contact Melissa Duncan (


We also encourage partnerships with several local organizations that serve our community well. Not all of these are specifically Christian organizations, but many are, and we can still represent Christ as we serve through their work.

To learn more, visit:  

World Relief 

Outreach Community Ministries 

P.A.D.S. (Public Action to Deliver Shelter)

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