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The Greeter Team is part of the Front Door Ministry Team whose purpose it is to create a welcome, well organized and safe environment for Tri-Village attenders and guests to come together to Love God, Grow Together and Reach the World.

As a Greeter you will be the first to warmly welcome people each Sunday and at special events.


1. Warmly welcome attenders and guests as they come for worship each Sunday and special services.

2. Say goodbye to guests as they depart from the building each Sunday and special services.

3. Greeters serve in a variety of areas, the parking lot, outside and inside the main doors, and in the lower level lobby.  (Exterior greeters will need to dress for the weather!)

4. If stationed by a door open it for the guests.

5. Give directions to bathrooms, children’s classrooms, Welcome Center, Worship Center. Walk people to these locations if it will be helpful.

6. Direct people to the Welcome Center where they will receive a gift and hear more about getting connect at Tri-Village Church.

7. Be prepared to respond in case of injury, illness or emergency.

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